Dubai Marathon 23/01/15

Everyone enjoys a bit of winter sun yes? Where better than Dubai in January to soak up some rays.  Whilst there, why not participate in their annual marathon? It’s a no-brainer!

We knew it would be warm for us running there and training in 1oC all winter did not best prepare us but January is also winter in Dubai so we figured we’d be ok.

The race started at 7am and the temperature was 10oC. Lovely. A lot of local runners were wearing coats, long sleeves, full-on tracksuits.  We were not.

The route itself has changed over the years to one that is entirely tarmac and a straight line other than 2 u-turns (they love u-turns out there).  The organisers want this marathon to be the fastest marathon in the world and have planned the course to allow for this.  This means you run down the road for 10 miles, then you turn around and run back.  You then run past the finish line and carry on a further 3 miles before turning around and running back to the finish.  This does sound rather dull but in reality it was fine.  You are running towards the amazing view of the city and there is so much to look at that despite it being a little lacking in roadside support, there is enough to keep you busy.  Being and out and back course you do get to see the lead runners coming back towards you, plus everyone who is faster than you.

At 7.15 the 10k race starts and, if you are a little slow (like me) you get to see the lead 40 runners as they do their out and back course.  At 11am a 4k fun starts and again, depending on your speed, you might get to see them going down the finish line as you complete the course.

The run is flat and fast but the final 10k is brutal.  It’s hot.  It’s really really hot.  There was no breeze and no shade.  However, it is a PB potential course if you can handle the relentless sunshine.




1.         2:05:28    Berhanu Hayle, Lemi (ETH)

285.    3:34:55 Joseph Chang (GBR)          

1580.         7:12:33 Mahgoub, Osama (SUD)


1.              2:20:02 Mergia Medessa, Aselefech (ETH)

219.         4:38:31 Jacqueline Chang (GBR)

391.         7:28:00 Yousef, Suzanne (KUW)

They do not combine the race results .There are men’s results and ladies results only.