10K Training Groups

So as we have been saying for a while now, instead of running a summer Zero2Hero group we thought it would be good to do something a little different and concentrate our efforts on those of you who want to target a 10K in the autumn by facilitating a training program and coaching you through it.

The plan is to undertake an 8 week training plan starting at the end of August and target the David Denton – Oxshott 10K on Sunday 29th October where we hope everyone will achieve their goals.

We will take everyone through a structured training plan that will help them achieve a goal based on one of the following targets:

  • Get round and finish
  • Sub 60 Minutes
  • Sub 50 Minutes
  • Sub 40 Minutes

More details will follow soon but for now we need to know who is interested and what their goal is likely to be. therefore please head on over to the sign up sheet -> here <- to register your interest and we’ll be in touch soon.

Work hard and you to could be a Superhero just like Becky!

Super Becky
Super Becky