26.2 Men Romp to Cross-country Victory

I would like to thank everyone who turned up on Saturday for the first fixture of the cross-country season. One of my aims as captain is to encourage as many people to turn out and run whether they think they will score or not. It was really encouraging to see so many of you turn out on Saturday. We had 19 runners which was far better than any of the other teams in Division 4 and only one team in Division 3 turned out more runners but only by one. I would also like to thank all those who came out to support the runners – it really spurred us on to hear you cheer us on at various parts of the course and of course we all enjoyed Ann’s cakes at the end. And so to the results. We won! Our first 10 finishers all finished in the top 21 giving us a points total of 121 which was 120 less than the next team. I have published the team results in the forum and Jim has posted the individual results so you can see for yourself where everyone finished. It would be wrong of me to single out any particular individual performances as I know that everyone gave it their all, regardless whether they scored or not. Well done everyone! This is a brilliant start to the season and I look forward to another big turnout and strong performance at our next fixture at Roundshaw Downs on 10 November.