April 2015 – Club Handicap Preview

Tomorrow will see the running of the penultimate Handicap of the 2014/15 season. A brief look back at the March result, where there were 29 finishers, saw a storming run by winner Alastair McGeogh-Williams in a PB time of 16:08 which moves him up from 7th= to 4th in the all time list, and from 23rd to 10th= in the League Table. 2nd placed Ellen Lambrix ran a PB and Kevin Stone(3rd) an SB that moves him from 11th to 7th in the table. Kevin Furlong (5th) moves from 6th to 4th and a PB for Lawrence Bromley (6th) moves him from 22nd to 13th. SBs for Andrea Bennett (9th) and Jon Neal (10th) move them from 4th to 3rd and 25th to 17th respectively. Holiday absentee Victoria Kirk retains her 2nd position whilst accompanying husband, Richard drops from 3rd to 5th. Sue Esslemont (13th) moves up from 16th to 12th, There were PBs for Amy Burton (11th) and Jo Shearer (12th) but for me, the star of the evening was Cass Brewer (22nd). Not realising that it was Handicap night, a very worried Cass twice challenged me about her start time. Unmoved, as I usually am on these occasions, I told her that the figures don’t lie, trust me! (If looks could kill!)  Starting with Jo Newstead, I was pleased (and somewhat relieved) to see her still with Jo at the end of the first lap, and from there she went on to record an SB 1min 15secs faster than her previous run in August 2014. Brilliant!

Now for Wednesday, the KIrks are still on holiday, as is Kevin Stone, (didn’t you know he was going on holiday?) so there could be some more shuffling of League positions. I believe my lovely assistant, Kate, is not available so I could do with a volunteer at registration, preferably someone who knows everybody as I’m notoriously not good with faces! My usual request for other helpers, too, please.