August Club Handicap TONIGHT!

Registration at the Club until about 7:20pm but late comers can still register at the start in Pine Walk.  Helpers required, ideally 6 for the finish with 2 doing a spot of marshalling at first corner and Club entrance.

Howard Brinkworth could have the honour of setting us off at 03:10 with Sue Esslemont and Lizzie Ruth next.  Richard Kirk, starting with Andrea Bennett, will know that his ‘missus’ is only 20 secs behind.  Kevin Stone will start 10 secs ahead of Graham Ashby and Ricky Emery, and Champion David Pearce and Peter Grecian start together with Matthew Young, Chris Wilson, Jon Neal and Libby Marchant a few seconds behind.  They will be followed by an interesting bunch of Dan Hookey, Greg Whiteman, Richard Goulder and Steve Ramek.  Last off, and starting together, would be Danny Norman and Jack Holland, an interesting duel there.

Of course, this will only happen if they all turn up!  Let’s hope they do and many more of you besides.