Bleep Test – Sunday 20th March


Our last Bleep Test was a great success and due to the positive feedback I have booked the next test in for Sunday 20th March

Please meet at 5.40pm at the Arena Health Club at Kingston College (the entrance is around the back of the ‘Rose Car Park and Arena Hair Salon’ at the College). We have the hall for 1 hour and the hire is free. Afterwards we will be heading to the Ram in Kingston to celebrate some great scores.

Please read on for more information

There are changing rooms and showers at the college and we need to be out by 7pm so please ensure you arrive on time.


The bleep test (Multi Stage Fitness Test) is a progressive maximal fitness test used to estimate a persons V02 Max (the maximum amount of oxygen a person can use in a minute). Please don’t worry too much about your V02 max, all you need to aim for is getting as far through the test as possible – the higher your score, the fitter you are. This means that when we perform the test again in 6 months time you can compare your score and measure any improvements.

If you have a heart rate monitor this is a really good chance to test your maximum heart rate so in future you can see how effective your training is. Please remember that the 220 minus your age calculation is a very long way from accurate in most people.

The test involves running continuously between two points that are 20m apart. The runs are synchronised by the sound of a bleep and as the test progresses the bleeps get closer together meaning participants have to run faster. The test is used all over the world to test fitness and should only be taken by people in good health with a good base fitness level.

There are 21 levels in total and to complete the test you would need to run 4940m. To get into the English Police force you would need to reach level 5.4, British Army recruits need to hit 10.2 (males) and 8.1 (females) and for the Royal Marines you are looking for a score of 11.0.

Please note that this is a maximal exercise test and you should only enter if you are in good general health and have a good level of fitness. You can drop out during the test at any point and if you are behind on the bleeps you will be stopped. Like always you are responsible for your personal health and wellbeing.

The results of the last test are in the downloads section of the website. For those who are marathon training this could be the perfect time to find out how effective your training is.