Bushy Park 10k

I saw this local event on runners world and thought why not give it a go.  It’s organised by Capital Runners although I am not sure how well marketed it is.  There was only one other running club vest in the whole field, that was worn by a serpentine runner.

To keep costs down you collect your number and chip on the day, they therefore keep the cost down to £14.   The course was two laps which was a mixture of grass and track.  They advertsied it as a fast PB course, although flat I wouldn’t see it had huge potential for a PB as there were a few sharp turns and you were switching from track to grass.

 At the end of the race there was water, kit kats and rocky chocolate bars which were free to help yourself.  Unfrotunately I didn’t have any cash so couldn’t take advantage of the burger van that was in the car park. You could see the lack of experienced runners in the field as on the second lap I must have over taken about 6 people without speeding up, nobody should really drop their speed that much in a 10k.

 Overall it was a nice cheap local race that I’d do again.  Nothing fantastic but nothing negative either.