Calling All Pacers

I recieved an email today from a guy called Matt Brooke who represents Human Race Ltd. He is looking to recruit runners of all standards to help out at the forthcoming Garmin Kingston Run Challenge to pace at various distances and paces. I have copied his email below so if you’re interested in helping out please let me know ASAP at stone.kev [ at ] gmail [ dot ] com. Anyway have a read and let me know if you’re interested and I’ll pass your details along to Matt who will contact you with more details.

Dear 26.2 Road Runners!

I hope this email finds you well.

I just wanted to get in contact with regards to the Garmin Kingston Run Challenge. As a local club I thought the following might be of interest to you and your members. We are looking for pacers to help out at our event and as I see your club regularly assemble outside my local gym (Surbiton Racket and Fitness club), I thought I might get in touch!

The Garmin Kingston Run Challenge is part of our Human Race Pace Series. This series is designed to help individuals run their perfect race, full information on the series can be found at:

We are looking for runners to help pace at the event on 13th October, I am recruiting pacers for the following per mile times:

6 min, 7 min, 8 min, 9 min, 10 min, 11 min, 12 min

There are three different distances at Kingston Run Challenge; 8.2m, 16m & 24m. The course is a lapped course with each lap comprising 8 miles. We are looking for 2-3 pacers for each time , so that we can ‘subsitute’ pacers in for each new lap if required.  This process will be done by introducing the new pace leader to the  group about half a mile before participants complete their   2nd lap and the previous pace leader will peel off through to finish.

If any of your members agree to pace we are able to offer a free entry into one of our future events (excluding Windsor Triathlon & Wiggle Dragon Ride). A full list of events can be found at:

Do you think pacing at the Garmin Kingston Run Challenge may be of interest to your members?


Matt Brooke | Human Race Ltd