Christmas Party – Marathon Ballot

Just a reminder that this Wednesday will be the club Christmas party incorporating the Marathon Ballot. We will be holding a short hill session prior to the social at 7:15 running down to the Roystons, so if you’re running late you’ll know where we are. The social will begin at 8:30pm in the club bar with the ballot beginning around 9:30pm. If you wish to enter the ballot you must either submit your name on the night or if you are unable to attend you can drop me an email at stone.kev [ at ] gmail [ dot ] com and I’ll make sure your name is dropped in the hat, I can’t however guarantee it will be pulled out again!

Those who are fortunate enough to get thier name in the hat this year for a chance to get thier hands on one of the two places available are:

19 Events – Libby Marchant

15 Events – Steve Ramek

15 Events – Richard Goulder

13 Events – Kevin Furlong, Simon Gerrard, Rob Hinton, Kate Hancock

12 Events – Derick Wilkie, Joe Chang, David Pimm, Danny Norman, John Sweeney

11 Events – Andrea Bennett, Peter Grecian, David Pearce, Mike Gray, Sarah Pettefer

10 Events – Matthew Pritchard, Rick Emery, Zoe Ashcroft, Alasdair Reisner, Maria Cenalmor, Karen Hardy

9 Events – Richard Kirk, Graham Ashby, Katherine Wilson, Daniel Hookey

8 Events – Jack Holland, Moustafa Fawzy, Victoria Kirk


If you believe you have qualified and are not on the list please let me know by tomorrow evening so I can sort it out one way or the other. Finally, good luck to everyone who enters and don’t forget there will be plenty of long runs each Sunday from the club to get marathon ready by April.