Club Marathon Ballot

With the club Christmas party incorportating the marathon ballot only 6 weeks away I thought it was high time to update on those who have or could run enough races to qualify this year. I expect everyone who wants to enter the ballot has been keeping a tally of thier total events but for those who haven’t and also to give anyone who thinks I may have made a mistake the chance to shout out please see below for the list of those qualified and bubbling under.



Epsom 10 is on November 23rd and Horton 10K on Sunday 14th December is the final Grand Prix of 2014, there is one XC for both men and ladies in November and december respctively meaning there are only 3 chances for those on either 5, 6 or 7 events to qualify.


The list below doesn’t necessarily mean you have or can actually qualify as there is other criteria to be met other then running the 8 races. If you haven’t been a fully paid up member since 1st February or do not hold club EA affiliation you cannot qualify for the ballot even if you have enough events. Also Vicki and Maria as last years winners are not eligible for this years ballot (Sorry ladies)


All ineligible members will be removed from this list nearer the time but you should know if you are one of them and for a full explanation of the qualifying criteria please read the rules page -> here <- 


Name Qualified Races
Steve Ramek Yes 13
Libby Marchant Yes 12
Danny Norman Yes 11
Richard Kirk Yes 10
Kate Hancock Yes 10
Matthew Pritchard Yes 10
Maria Cenalmor Yes 10
Katherine Franklin Yes 10
Victoria Kirk Yes 9
Jack Holland Yes 9
Richard Goulder Yes 9
Robert Hinton Yes 9
Peter Grecian Yes 9
David Pimm Yes 8
Kevin Furlong Yes 8
Gary Rogerson Yes 8
Graham Ashby Yes 8
Kevin Stone Yes 8
Michael Street Yes 8


And those bubbling under are:


Simon Gerrard No 7
Chris Coghlan No 7
Greg Whiteman No 7
David Pearce No 7
John Sweeney No 7
Andrea Bennett No 7
Martin Threakall No 7
Daniel Hookey No 6
Joe Chang No 6
Mike Gray No 6
Jacqueline Chang No 6
Kirstie Mitchell No 6
Katherine Wilson No 6
Moustafa Fawzy No 6
Alastair McGeoch-Williams No 5
Sarah Pettefer No 5
John Reardon No 5
Derick Wilkie No 5
Chris Wilson No 5