Club Marathon Ballot Update

With the club Christmas party incorportating the marathon ballot only a week & a half away I thought it was high time to update on those who have or could run enough races to qualify this year. Sunday is the final Grand Prix of 2013 and the last chance for the gents on 7 races to qualify. The ladies however have another bite of the cherry with the Ladies Cross Country fixture a week Saturday.

Beow is a list of those who have already qualified, gents on 7 and ladies on 6 events. If you believe you should be showing on this list but are not please let me know ASAP so I can look into it for you.

Those who have qualified to date are:

17 Events – Libby Marchant

16 Events – Kevin Stone

15 Events – Richard Goulder, Steve Ramek

13 Events – Kevin Furlong, Simon Gerrard, Rob Hinton

12 Events – Derick Wilkie, Joe Chang, David Pimm

11 Events – Andrea Bennett, Peter Grecian, Greg Whiteman, Kate Hancock, John Sweeney, David Pearce, Danny Norman

10 Events – Matthew Pritchard, Rick Emery, Zoe Ashcroft, Mike Gray, Alasdair Reisner

9 Events – Richard Kirk, Graham Ashby, Maria Cenalmor, Sarah Pettefer

8 Events – Jack Holland, Katherine Wilson, Karen Hardy, Daniel Hookey

Those bubbling under

7 Events – Victoria Kirk, Peter Tozer, Moustafa Fawzy

6 Events – Ann Bath, Caroline Dawson, Laura Perry, Maggie Stacey