Club Marathon Ballot

The club marathon ballot is due to be held at the club Christmas party in December (Date TBC) and a number of members have been asking if they have or are near qualifying for the ballot. So far 37 members have qualified in terms of number of races run, a further 8 are just bubbling under on 4 races and 10 members are on 3 races. With the reamining two fixtures to qualify being the November grand prix at Epsom and the mens XC in November and the ladies in December there is still time for those on 3 or 4 to qualify.

To be eligible for the ballot, a member must:

1. Be in possession of a rejection slip from the public ballot for the Marathon in question;

2. Have been a paid-up member of 26.2 RRC, continuously, since 1st February preceding the ballot;

3. In that period have represented the Club in competition at least five times. ‘In competition’ is defined as Surrey Cross Country League, Surrey Road League and 26.2 RRC Grand Prix.

Should these stipulations result in fewer qualifying applicants than places available to 26.2 RRC, places will be awarded, firstly, to those qualifying members. A ballot (if necessary) for the remaining allocation will then be held among members who satisfy 1. and have been paid up continuously since the preceding 1st September. Should the 26.2 RRC allocation still not be filled, places will be awarded at the discretion of the committee, with priority given to members who have represented the club in competition to some extent.

The rules can be found in full here and a list of those on 3, 4 and those qualified with 5 or more races are below. If you cannot see your name on the list and believe it should be please let me know I’ll look into it.


Name Qualified Races
Libby Marchant Yes 13
Jack   Holland Yes 12
John Matthews Yes 12
Joe   Chang Yes 12
Greg   Whiteman Yes 10
Matthew   Pritchard Yes 10
Kevin   Parker Yes 10
Richard   Goulder Yes 10
Maria   Cenalmor Yes 10
Kevin   Stone Yes 10
Peter   Grecian Yes 9
Grant   Davison Yes 9
Ann   Bath Yes 9
Simon   Gerrard Yes 9
Katherine   Wilson Yes 9
Derick   Wilkie Yes 9
Jason   Blair Yes 8
Luke   McDonagh Yes 8
Steven   Ramek Yes 8
Andrea   Bennett Yes 8
David   Pimm Yes 8
Steve   Watkins Yes 8
Kevin   Furlong Yes 7
Natalie   Coghlan Yes 7
Robert   Hinton Yes 7
Ed   Brunskill Yes 6
David   Pearce Yes 6
Moustafa   Fawzy Yes 6
Ricky   Emery Yes 6
Peter   Tozer Yes 6
Sue   Garnish Yes 5
Linda   Grossmann Yes 5
Javier   Fuentes Yes 5
Declan   Flynn Yes 5
Zoe   Wingfield Yes 5
Jane   Calderbank Yes 5
James   Thurston Yes 5
Mike Gray No 4
Ben Downe No 4
Jo Newstead No 4
Chris Coghlan No 4
Neil Parker No 4
John Bennett No 4
Michael Bryant No 4
Amy Tomlins No 4
Alice Tozer No 3
Aimee Billington No 3
Howard Brinkworth No 3
Dominic Collier No 3
Nikki DeSousa No 3
Oliver Webb No 3
Fiona McDonnell No 3
John Sweeney No 3
Neil Sunderland No 3
Caroline Dawson No 3