Committee Info

Club Governance
The Club is run by a group of volunteers who are elected from the pool of existing members. Any member may stand for election at the AGM if they have an exisiting member to officially propose and nominate them. However, as with many voluntary bodies it is often hard to get “new blood” involved.
You DO NOT have to be either a top class Runner or have been a member since the dark mists of time to be a Committte Member.
You can even help in the running of the Club on an informal basis at Social and Club race events. Why not ask if there’s anything that you can do?

Club Constitution


The activities of the Club are governed by a constitution which will be made available for download soon.

Contacting The Commitee
You can contact the members of the committee at the following email addresses:

 Grant Davison (Chairman) chairman [ at ] [ dot ] uk
 Kevin Stone (Club Captain) captain [ at ] [ dot ] uk
 David Pearce (Treasurer) treasurer [ at ] [ dot ] uk
 Libby Marchant (Club Secretary) secretary [ at ] [ dot ] uk
 Kate Hancock (Membership Secretary) membership [ at ] [ dot ] uk
 Vicki Kirk (Club Kit) kit [ at ] [ dot ] uk
 Maria Cenalmor (Club Kit) kit [ at ] [ dot ] uk
Lawrence Bromley

 news [ at ] [ dot ] uk  

 John Bennett  
 Javier Fuentes  
 Ellen Lambrix  
 Steve Ramek  
 Peter Tozer  
 Kevin Furlong (Website) website [ at ] [ dot ] uk