Committee vacancies

With the invites to the 26.2 RRC Annual General Meeting currently being mailed out, now is a good time to advertise the opportunity to become part of the 26.2 RRC committee. The committee is a group of up to 12 club members who look after the running and organisation of the club, working as a group to ensure that the club is being run in a responsible manner on behalf of the members.

There are four “honorary officer” committee positions of Club Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and Club Captain, and up to eight “ordinary member” positions. The honorary officer positions involve a two year term, and as of May 2011 the positions of Club Chairman and Treasurer are due for re-election. Simon Finch and Charlie Foster are both stepping down so we are seeking people to come forward to take up these roles. The ordinary committee members are re-elected on a yearly basis so all of these roles are available for applications. You don’t have to be a long term member of the club to join committee, nor do you have to be a fast or experienced runner. You just have to be enthusiastic about 26.2 RRC and be prepared to help with running of the club to make it enjoyable for all of our members.

The committee meets a minimum of six times per year (over the past year we have met on a monthly basis on a Monday night at the start of the month, after the Monday run) at the Ely Room in the Surbiton Racket and Fitness Club, with meetings generally lasting 1-2 hours depending on the number of items being discussed. To get an idea of what is discussed during commitee meetings take a look at the past committee meeting notes which are available in the “downloads” section of this website.

If you are interested in joining committee then complete a nomination form and pass it to an existing committee member before Wednesday 11th May 2010. Nomination forms should have been emailed to all club members but you can also download them from the following links:

Honorary Officer (Chairman, Treasurer) nomination form

Ordinary Committee Member nomination form