Cotswolds 24 Hours Race 2016

This year the club will be sending several teams to the Cotswold 24 Hour Race held on the weekend of 23rd and 24th July. This is a 24 hour running event where runners compete in a relay completing as many 5 mile laps as they can through the day and night.

We have entered 3 teams. One team is faster and the other two are more social. The only requirement for runners in each team is that the must all complete one lap. How many laps each team member does after that is down to how energetic they are feeling on the day!

We have a number of places available in our teams. Please contact a member of the committee or Kate Hancock if you would like to take part.

The following runners are currently signed up to our teams:


Team 1

Team 2

Team 3


Steve Ramek

Maria Cenalmor

Kevin Furlong

Runner 2

Ryan Lambrix

Melissa Guler

Beverly Gow

Runner 3

Ellen Lambrix

Kevin Stone

Lizzie Wilson

Runner 4

Chris Wilson

Kate Hancock

Ann Bath

Runner 5

Alistair McGeogh-Williams

Andrea Bennett

Richard Kirk

Runner 6

Libby Marchant

John Bennett

Matthew Pritchard

Runner 7

Danny Norman

Daisy Street

Sonia Pritchard

Runner 8

Lawrence Bromley

Michael Street

Peter Grecian

More details will be provided near the time of the event.


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