Cranleigh 21 (& 15!) 20/3/11

5 of us started Cranleigh 21, where you have the option to finish at 15 and not start the last 6 mile lap. Needless to say it was not one of the “fairer sex” that took that option!

It s an undulating course and I can’t decide whether it is harder than Finchley – but when you hit the steep hill just before the 15.1 mile and 21.3 mile point I think Cranleigh is harder!

First home for us in a fantastic 3.08.14 (8.49 mm) was a delighted Libby Marchant, who is definately on target for a sub 4 marathon, and she felt strong at the finish! Next came Matthew Pritchard 3.12.26 (9.02mm) who did very well with his first race of this distance, then Neil Sunderland 3.16.30 (9.13mm), he was a bit disappointed but he had Finchley 20 in his legs, so well done on a tough course. Last was myselt who after keeping Neil and Matthew in sight for about 13 miles finished in 3.19.21 (9.21mm) a rather disappointing 8 minutes slower than 2010, faded badly in the last 6, hope I can blame Finchley 20 too!

Sorry Luke only joking after your superb recent 2.50 marathon, 14th place for the 15.1 miles in 1.48.31 was fantastic – 7.11 minute miles.

Many thanks for Mike Bryant coming all that way to support us, and thanks to Matthew for taking my 2nd lightest bike (with a much needed triple) so after some quick re-fuelling went home on my usual route stopping at Newdigate for coffee and cake and enjoying the warmer weather!