Cross-Country and Grand Prix 8

UPDATE – Grand Prix tables have now been published. These are however subject to change as we have not had the final ladies results as yet! 

Saturday saw both the men and ladies in action in our first cross-country fixture of the season at Lightwater which was also Grand Prix 8 in the 2013/2014 season.  Lightwater is a proper cross-country course with steep hills, fast downhills and a mixture of surfaces so you have to watch your footing.  The sort of course you hate every lung busting minute while you are running but love it when it is all over.


First out were the girls cheered on by a good number of the men who had got there early.  I will leave it to Ann to post a full report on the ladies suffice to see it was a great performance by all and it was good to see so many members giving cross-country a go for the first time.       

The men ran this course last year but it certainly doesn’t get any easier although it was helped by the support of a number of the ladies.  The mens’ course includes the addition of a big hill which you have to run up twice – in this age of equality I really think they should make the women do it too!  Our team performed well, with Jim Ley leading the club home again.  There’s not enough space to give everyone a mention but it seemed that everyone enjoyed their run even if it did take certain people several days for the aches and pains to go away!

After winning Division 4 last year, we were back in Division 3 and there was a clear step up in class.  If we had still been in Division 4, our first ten finishers would have finished in the top 20 whereas in Division 3 our tenth finisher finished in 80th place.  When the results came in, it showed that we finished in eighth place (out of nine) but not far behind Sutton, Collingwood and Tadworth.  Remember those names as those are the clubs we need to target if we are stay in Division 3.  Next fixture is on 9 November at Roundshaw Downs – a flatter though muddier course.  We need to put out a strong performance so I will be chasing people up in the next week. 

Thanks again to Ann for providing the lovely cakes and hot drinks at the end of the race.