March Track Session – Kingsmeadow

Hello all!
Tonight is track night at Kingsmeadow and we’re feeling right, oh what a night.

It is my turn to take the sesh and would like to express again that everyone should hopefully feel comfortable in coming down. I will cater for all levels of ability.
It is a continuation of the past two months and is a 6 x 800m session (200m recovery, 50m walk, 150m light jog).

Wondering what time to aim for per 800m (2 laps)? Please take a peek here:

That link will show you the splits per half a mile (800m) for someone running a 5k in 25 minutes (8 minute miling). So each rep should be faster than 4 minutes if you presently run a 5k in that time.

We’ll gather around 7:15pm, start the set around 7:30-40, don’t forget your £3.30 and let’s all try to warm up together if not running down there.

See you later on!