Endure 24 – we need you!

On June 8th-9th some of us will be taking part in Endure 24 which as the name suggests, is a team 24 hour running event. If the “24 hour” part of that puts you off,  don’t worry – you don’t have to run constantly for 24 hours, just one lap every so often for your team.

We currently have 25 club members taking part, but as we are entering teams with preferably 7 or 8 runners per team we still need more of you to take part! If we can get another 3 people to join us for the fun (trust me, it is a really fun event) we’ll be able to enter four teams of seven runners per team. If you’re interested in joining us then read on.

Endure 24 was the highlight of last year’s running calendar for a lot of us and it’s a great team event where you get to spend the whole weekend with other people from the club. This event is as much about the camaraderie and socialising as it is about the running. It takes place in the grounds of a stately home near Reading and involves teams of runners seeing how many 5 mile laps of a woodland course they can complete in 24 hours. One of the most fun parts is doing one of the night stages where you get to run through woodland along forest trails in the dark, with only a head torch to light your way.

Entry fees depend on the number of people per team, which will be between £30-£35 per person in our case. The entry fee covers camping for the whole weekend, chip timing and a t-shirt that you can wear down the Pub to show you’re a hardcore runner who ran for 24 hours (you don’t have to tell people the full details). The race starts at Noon on Saturday 8th June and ends at Noon the following day. Access to the campsite is available from Friday evening and you can stay until Monday morning if you want to. If you’re someone that detests camping like myself then don’t be put off, the facilities were great last year with hot showers available in personal “wet rooms”, hot food available 24 hours a day from a catering tent, non-horrific loos that were nothing like music festivals, and also cars could be parked next to tents to store stuff.

The rules of the event are that each team must have one runner on the course at all times, so it operates like a baton relay race. Last year with 7 people per team my team ended up running one lap every 4-5 hours so there was plenty of time to get some rest and socialise in-between laps. As the 24 hours passed by some team members decided two or three laps were enough for them, so there is no pressure on you to keep running when you feel like you’re going to die. So long as you could complete 2-3 laps at any speed you’ll be fine.

If you’re new to the club then this event is a great way to get to know other club members. We take pride in not being an elitist club, so everyone is welcome no matter how fast or slow you are.
You can read a couple of race reports from last year’s event here if you want some more information:

Kevin Stone’s Endure 24 write up

My obviously superior Endure 24 write up

If you decide you want to take part then speak to myself (Kevin Furlong) or Derick Wilkie on a club night, or send me an email.