Epsom Double

Did you manage to complete the Epsom double this weekend? With a men’s XC fixture on Saturday (hosted by us) and a Grand Prix event and 10 mile club championship on Sunday at Epsom 10 our members spent a lot of time on the downs this weekend. Well done to anyone who managed to run/volunteer on Saturday and then run on Sunday to complete the double. By my reckoning we had 16 members who completed the double.

Our hosting of the cross country fixture went extremely well and we have received excellent feedback on the clearly marked course, friendly marshals and prompt/accurate results. Thank you to all for helping make this a success and especially to Moustafa Fawzy and Maria Cenalmor for their organisational efforts.

In running terms, our team finished a strong 5th in division 3 with Chris Rawcliffe first home for the club. Full race results are available online at: Surrey League and club results are listed below.

On Sunday, 22 members took part in Epsom 10.  This was the 10 mile club championship which was won by Ryan Lambrix for the men and Kirstie Mitchell for the ladies. Full results attached and club results are below.

Day 2 of the double brought better weather for Epsom 10

Away from Epsom, Ann Bath was in Glasgow competing in the Masters Cross Country. Despite running in a different country to the rest of us, she still managed to provide ample supplies of cake to the cross country in Epsom. As ever, we are in awe!

Even further afield, Geoff Tookey, took part in Athens marathon. Finishing in a very impressive 3:28:32 we  hope he had better weather in Greece than we did in Epsom.

Once again, well done to all members wherever you were running this weekend!

2016 / 17 – Epsom 10

13 Nov 2016 – 10 miles – Championship Race

Position Runner Gun Time Actual Time PB?*
1 Ryan Lambrix 01:07:19 Yes
2 Steven Ramek 01:07:24 Yes
3 Paul Keddie 01:12:32 Yes
4 John Sweeney 01:12:33 Yes
5 David George 01:13:47
6 Michael Street 01:17:24 Yes
7 Paul Wallis 01:18:02 Yes
8 Kirstie Mitchell 01:19:39
9 Daisy Street 01:20:33 Yes
10 Khawaja Shahabuddin 01:20:58 Yes
11 Andrea Bennett 01:21:28 Yes
12= Ellen Lambrix 01:25:45 Yes
12= Matthew Pritchard 01:25:45
14 John Bennett 01:28:33 Yes
15 Greg Whiteman 01:29:27
16 Kevin Stone 01:29:45
17 Sue Garnish 01:29:46 Yes
18 Caroline Dawson 01:29:57 Yes
19 Amy Burton 01:29:58 Yes
20 Laura Hooke 01:32:42
21 Javier Fuentes 01:34:35 Yes
22 Dennis Brandrick 01:35:27 Yes

Surrey League Cross Country – Epsom Downs

12 Nov 2016 – 5 miles

Position Runner Gun Time Actual Time PB?*
1 Chris Rawcliffe 00:30:08 Yes
2 Jim Ley 00:30:48 Yes
3 Christopher Howe 00:30:51 Yes
4 Joe Chang 00:31:15 Yes
5 John Matthews 00:31:29
6 Edward Francis 00:31:36 Yes
7 Joe Brewer 00:32:11 Yes
8 Nathan Sayers 00:32:46 Yes
9 Ryan Lambrix 00:33:01 Yes
10 Robert Hinton 00:34:02 Yes
11 Richard Goulder 00:35:01
12 David George 00:36:12
13 Peter Grecian 00:36:15 Yes
14 David Pimm 00:36:28 Yes
15 Simon Gerrard 00:38:15 Yes
16 Matthew Pritchard 00:40:10
17 Greg Whiteman 00:41:19 Yes
18 John Bennett 00:44:06 Yes
19 Dennis Brandrick 00:44:30 Yes
20 Javier Fuentes 00:45:16 Yes
21 Danny Norman 01:07:37 Yes

* PBs are based on data available in the 26.2 records. If your result is incorrectly marked as a PB, please enter your correct. Log in to add your own results.