Sue Garnish and I decided after being with the club for a while,to try something new, and challenging, and went for a half marathon.

We chose Fleet because it was local, and also because we’d heard a rumour that it was quite flat,(no point making it too hard for ourselves!)

If you are looking for a half marathon that is relatively flat, very well organised, loads of free parking and toilets, then this is for you. There were one or two ‘hilly’ bits, but nothing worse than Ditton Hill, and some very pretty countryside. Having never participated in such a large scale event, it was really encouraging to see all the supporters, and hear all the cheers along the way, and run alongside Mario and a lizard!

We had set our sights on a 1.59.59 target (!) but managed to get well under this, which was very rewarding.

Sue is now talking about full marathons… watch this space!!

Andrea Bennett