Grand Prix 2014-15 Race 7 & Club 10 mile champs – Epsom 10

Well done to everyone who completed the Epsom 10. It was a pretty grotty day so thank you so much for turning out in force. Despite the puring rain and flooded sections most people seemed to thoroughly enjoy the race!


Apologies that the results and grand prix tables have taken me some time – I had an exam which I was cramming for. 

The full results can be viewed at

The updated grand prix tables are available in the downloads section.


As well as being a Grand Prix event this was also the clubc 10 mile championship. A maasive congratulations to our winners:

Past the post: Jack Holland & Maggie Stacey

Age graded: Steve Ramek & Ann Bath


I hope to see you all at the nect grand prix (a personal favourite of mine) – Horton 10km 9am on Sunday 14th December.

As always if you have any feedback on the grand prix races please speak to Richard Goulder or I, or drop us an email.