Grand Prix 2015/16 Tables Published

The Grand Prix results after the first GP of the season, the Club One Mile Championship, are now available for download in the Downloads section.


To recap, the top three across the four competitions were as follows…


Men’s First Past The Post

1. Chris Howe (5:02)

2. Chris Wilson (5:12)

3. Joe Chang (5:23)


Men’s Age Graded

1. David Pimm (75.97%)

2. Ian Callander (75.12%)

3. Steve Ramek (74.26%)


Women’s First Past The Post

1. Katherine Wilson (5:46)

2. Libby Marchant (6:01)

3. Kirstie Mitchell (6:25)


Women’s Age Graded

1. Ann Bath (73.3%)

2. Katherine Wilson (72.80%)

3. Caroline Dawson (72.35%)


So, a nice mix of people in both competitions with no one runner coming out on top in either race!


Apologies for the delay in posting these results – this was due to a few queries around some runners. Moving forward, they will be up much quicker.


Many thanks from your GP Organisers (Libby Marchant, Richard Goulder, Moustafa Fawzy and Lawrence Bromley)