Grand Prix#4 and club 5k Championship, Bedfont Lakes parkrun, 18/8/2012

On a hot day, 27 26.2 members popped up at Bedfont Lakes for the club 5k championship. We saw some great times despite the temperature and, I think I am right in saying, new winners in each category. Warm congratulations to Daniel Harris and Katherine Wilson for being first home for the club, with maximum GP points each. Katherine is also the club 5k champion, while Jack is the male champion – Daniel, as a second claim member, is eligible for GP points but not for club championships, not that that should detract in any way from an excellent run. New member Gordon Reid took the men’s age graded by some distance, with Katherine Wilson making it a double in the women’s.

Bedfont Lakes parkrun was decided as the venue for this year’s championship by popular request, and luckily so given that the other candidate, the Wimbledon 5k, was cancelled. Well done group brain! Bedfont is a lovely venue, albeit not the easiest of runs, with some undulations and with a gravelly surface that is gruelling over time. It was, therefore, particularly impressive to see such strong times, with the first 8 men and the first lady all under the 20 minute barrier. My statto head gives special congratulations to Daniel, Jack, Kevin Parker, Gordon and Libby, who were all within a minute of their recent handicap times – theoretically, the extra 200m of the 5k should take around a minute, so given that the 5k was run on a slower surface , that’s great running.

Several runners were grouped together round the course. At the front, Daniel had Jack for company for about 4.5k before Daniel was able to shake him off at the end, Libby and Zoe had a good tussle, with only 8 seconds separating them at the end, and Kevin Parker, Dominic, Katherine, Alasdair and Rob grouped well just as we hope to in a cross country match, with just 22 seconds between them. Great to see that it only takes a shorter race to have the semi-retired back in club colours, and both Dominic and Dave Wilson showed a turn of pace envied by those around them to finish strongly.

Well done all – the next grand prix is the Maidenhead half marathon, enter online at

Age Age
Pos ↓ parkrunner ↓ Time ↓ Cat ↓ Grade ↓
1 Daniel HARRIS 17:27 SM25-29 74.02%
2 Jack HOLLAND 17:39 SM25-29 73.09%
3 John MATTHEWS 18:30 SM35-39 73.24%
5 Gordon REID 18:39 VM45-49 77.84%
6 Joseph CHANG 19:01 SM30-34 68.62%
8 Chirs COGHLAN 19:17 SM25-29 66.90%
10 Dominic COLLIER 19:39 VM40-44 71.59%
11 Kevin PARKER 19:48 SM35-39 67.00%
12 Katherine WILSON 19:58 SW25-29 74.12%
13 Alasdair REISNER 20:02 SM30-34 65.47%
15 Robert HINTON 20:10 VM45-49 71.40%
16 David PIMM 20:37 VM50-54 73.32%
19 Neil Graham PARKER 21:06 SM30-34 61.85%
20 John SWEENEY 21:32 VM40-44 65.33%
25 Dave WILSON 22:22 VM50-54 68.11%
30 Zoe ASHCROFT 22:36 VW35-39 66.59%
31 Libby MARCHANT 22:44 SW25-29 65.10%
39 Ricky EMERY 23:36 VM45-49 62.01%
42 Natalie COGHLAN 24:08 SW25-29 61.33%
50 Kevin STONE 24:32 VM40-44 57.34%
56 Kevin FURLONG 25:15 VM45-49 56.17%
81 Christopher Edward WILSON 27:15 JM15-19 49.54%
97 Andrea BENNETT 30:32 VW45-49 53.06%
100 Krystal Newbury 31:06 SW 30-34 47.70%
101 Linda GROSSMANN 31:06 SW30-34 47.59%
111 Jason BLAIR 35:05 SM30-34 37.20%
126 Jacqueline CHANG 42:20 SW30-34 35.12%
127 Lizzie Ruth WILSON 42:27 VW50-54 40.48%

Full Grand Prix standings available in the downloads section.

Men – Past the Post
Jack Holland 79
Joe Chang 62
John Matthews 56
Luke McDonagh 54
Kevin Parker 54
Chris Coghlan 47
Men – Age Graded
Jack Holland 72
John Matthews 56
Joe Chang 55
Rob Hinton 52
Luke McDonagh 47
Kevin Parker 44
Women – Past the Post
Katherine Wilson 80
Linda Grossman 59
Libby Marchant 55
Natalie Coghlan 50
Andrea Bennett 46
Sue Garnish 45
Women – Age Graded
Katherine Wilson 79
Andrea Bennett 54
Libby Marchant 52
Linda Grossman 51
Natalie Coghlan 47
Sue Garnish 44