Green Belt Relay 2012

One week on and I have recovered enough to write a race report!!
We finally managed to scrape together two teams and planning of the final logistics wasn’t finished until late on Saturday night. Thankfully it all went without a hitch and no one was left in Essex!
Both teams performed brilliantly, the red team finished 28th and the blue team finished 7th.

Every runner had a goal for their legs, whether it be to win, come highest club position, not come last, not get lost or to avoid “code brown”. Whatever it was, most were achieved, sadly no 26.2 winner but well done to John Matthews for gaining the highest club position on Sunday with third place.

Special thanks to the non-runner supporters: Andrew Pengelly, Krystal Newbury, Lizzie Wilson, Jacqueline Chang, Jo McDonagh and Rafie (Libby’s boyfriend). Your help was appreciated in marshalling and driving/collecting runners.

The only “faux pas” I have heard about over the weekend was Steve Watkins getting lost on a leg he has run three years in a row. If anyone has any others from the weekend, then let me know.

Full results at

Thanks to everyone that took part, do it again next year? One thing is for sure, if we can avoid it, we are never staying at that Travelodge again!!!