Hogmill Ladies 5

I am a big fan of this little race. It’s just around the corner. It’s really friendly. It’s a nice little route suitable for all levels. It’s well marshalled. You always get a nice gift at the end plus, lots of cakes. Lovely.

This year’s race was a little wetter then I was used to. When a mainly on road race advises you to wear trail shoes, you know it’s not going to be great out there.

The route starts with a lap of the track which was interesting as the bend and exit were flooded. We then run out on local little roads and quite a bit in the open space of the Hogsmill. We then came back onto the track, which at least cleaned our shoes again, to do a final lap for the finish.

Although a lot of club members said they would run the rain seemed to have put them off. In the end there were only 4. No records were broken and it wasn’t a big turnout, but it was still a lovely run.

Thanks to Moustafa and Binkie for the support.


1       0:33:38 BRINSDEN, Hannah             Epsom Odballs    

15    0:43:48 DE SOUSA, Nikki                26.2 Road Runners Club

23    0:44:19 CHANG, Jacqueline            26.2 Road Runners Club

52    0:47:30 TOMLINS, Amy                  26.2 Road Runners Club

55    0:47:42 OCHS-FAWZY, Bianka        26.2 Road Runners Club

163 1:13:42 GIBSON , Sharon