How do I upload photos to the photo gallery?


The 26.2 RRC photo Gallery is stored outside of this website on Google Picasa. When uploading photos it should be noted that the photos on Picasa are set as “public” so the photos are viewable by anyone in the world, not just 26.2 RRC members.

To upload photos:

  1. Create a new email on your PC using any email client.
  2. Add your photos to you email as attachments.
  3. In the “To” field of the email enter the address:          106151396386374804761.262rrc [ at ] picasaweb [ dot ] com
  4. For the “Subject” field of the email you have three choices (if in doubt, just leave the subject line blank):
  • If you just want to upload the photos and let the website administrator move the photos to an album and add captions, leave the “Subject” field blank.
  • If you want to add the photos to an existing album, enter the “Subject” as the name of an existing photo album to add the photos to.
  • If you don’t want to add the photos to an existing album, but you want to add a caption to the photo, enter the “Subject” as the caption.

Once you have sent the email your new photos will not appear on the website until a website administrator has authorised them. If you want to speed up this process send an email to website [ at ] [ dot ] uk telling us you’ve uploaded some new photos.

Note: If you want to add individual captions to the photos you are uploading, you will have to upload the photos one at a time (one attachment per email).