How to submit a news item

To submit a news item you have three choices:

  • Email your news item to website [ at ] [ dot ] uk and we will publish it for you.
  • If you have “Publisher” security access on the website then you can publish your own news item.
  • If you do not have “Publisher” security access on the website, use the method below to create your news item directly on the website then email website [ at ] [ dot ] uk to publish it.

Important Note: When writing a news item never type it straight into the window on the website. If you do this you will often get timed out by the website and lose what you typed. It is a much safer method to compose your text on your PC (e.g. in Microsoft Office, Windows Notepad) then copy and paste that text to the website. If you use a proper word processing software to do this it has the added advantage of spell checking your text, which the website doesn’t.

To Submit a News Item directly to the website

  1. From the top menu bar click on “News“, “Submit News Item“.
  2. This should display a “Submit News Item” screen.
  3. Enter the title of your news item in the “Title” box.
  4. Paste the body of your article into the text area (or type it manually at your own risk!).
  5. Select a “Category” for your news item (e.g. “Club News”).
  6. For Publishers only: Set “Featured” to “Yes“. If you don’t see the “Featured” option then you aren’t a publisher!
  7. If you want only 26.2 RRC members to be able to read your news item, select an “Access” of “Registered“. This means only people that have logged into the website will be able to see it.
  8. If you want anyone visiting the website to be able to read your news item, select an “Access” of “Public“.
  9. Scroll back up to the top of the page and click the “SAVE” button (underneath “Alias”).
  10. Email website [ at ] [ dot ] uk to let us know you’ve submitted a new article, we will review it and publish it.