Important dates for your diary

For those who have not been at the club lately you may not be aware of the dates for our annual events coming up that you won’t want to miss out on, so get our your diairies and mark these dates as must attend.

Wednesday 11th December is the club Christmas party incorporating the marathon ballot for those who are hoping to be picked out of the hat. I shall post more details about the ballot soon but even if you are not planning entering the ballot it will be great to see as many as possible at the club bar for a beer or three. The usual long run on this evening will be swapped with a hill session so we can all be in the bar by 8:30 sharp. If you are planning on entering the ballot please ensure you have your rejection magazine handy as you may be asked to produce it on the night.

Sunday 16th December is the annual mob match with the Stragglers who will be hosting this years event at the Hawker centre in Kingston. For those who have never taken part in the Mob Match this is not just about running fast but as the name suggests it is about getting as many people round the course and over the finish as possible. The team with most participants wins so this is an event everyone can take part in even if they are not a member of the club. Bring your family, neighbours, the dog, a stranger off the street, the more the merrier. The course is just under 4 miles and you don’t have to run, so even if you’re carrying an injury and can walk then you can take part.

There is a nominal entry fee of around £1 per person (to be confirmed) and we also ask that you bring along a small raffle prize for the social after. This is always a great event with the friendly rivalry with the Stragglers meaning there is usually a lot of good humoured banter thrown around throughout the day.
Although a way off yet on Sunday 17th Febraury we will be hosting the 2013 Valentines 10K and we will be chasing everyone again to give up thier Sunday morning for the good of the club. It is the main event the club hosts each year and in helping out you will be really giving something back to the club. I cannot stress enough the importance of a sucessful V10K so please try and keep this morning free and if you are entering or going to any events between now and then handing out race flyers would be a great help, please just let one of the committee know if you require any flyers and we’ll ensure we get some to you.
If you want to drop me a line regarding any of the above events please do so at stone.kev [ at ] gmail [ dot ] com