Important information regarding 26.2 RRC’s HQ

Ann Bath and Peter Tozer met Roy Staniland, club director of Surbiton Rackets and Fitness Club (SRFC), on 7th March to further clarify terms on which 26.2 RRC might formalise its arrangement  to meet at SRFC, in particular an “umbrella sum” which might be payable. This followed a 26.2 committee meeting of 28th February.

Roy stated a sum of £2,000, to be renegotiated annually. For this 26.2 RRC members would have the right to:

*Meet at SRFC and use the toilets and the changing room (but not the showers).

*Hold agreed functions at the club, such as Christmas parties, quiz nights and awards evenings, free of charge. The current charge is £150 (£100 on Sundays).

*Continue to keep its equipment shed on SRFC premises.

*SRFC social membership as low as £42 for 26.2 members, effectively a £25 discount. This includes the prompt payment concession, the deadline for which is this year extended from 1st April to Wednesday 13th April for 26.2 members. (26.2 members should note that social membership allows use of the showers, sauna and the club’s discounted bar seven days a week)

*A place on the Operations Board of SRFC responsible for the day to day running of the various sections of SRFC. The Operations Board meets “about every four to six weeks.”

Roy also stated that an option previously put forward was still on then table, i.e. that all members of 26.2 should hold one of the SRFC membership categories currently available, or a new “running membership” for £25 allowing use of toilets and changing rooms. The 26.2 committee at present feels unable to recommend this type of arrangement to its membership. Indeed, Roy agrees it might prove difficult to “police.”

Roy agreed that any future agreement would be in writing.

Notes written by Peter Tozer, 7th March, 2011