Jantastic 2014

Need some motivation to get you running on those cold January evenings?  If your answer is “Yes” why not join us and take part in Jantastic and join the 26.2 RRC team. Run by Marathon Talk, Jantasic is designed to get you out running and meet the goals you set yourself. I won’t bore you with the details except to say that you only have a short time left to register yourself and join us before it all starts on Monday.

If you fancy givning it a go head on over to http://www.jantastic.me/ to register and then sign yourself up for the 26.2 team. Don’t forget to set your target when you register otherwise you won’t be motivating yourself to get out and run Nil runs per week. This is a really good way to get yourself running especially if you are currently aiming for a time or distance in the spring, marathon or otherwise.