Ladies Cross Country Sat Dec 6th

A fantastic turn-out for our 2nd match at Nonsuch Park, which was hosted by 26.2 and went off very smoothly thanks to so many dedicated volunteers – thanks to you all.


Our “A” team was led by Katherine Wilson 26.06, Maggie Stacey 26.23, Libby Marchant 26.45 , Kirstie Mitchell 29.43 and Lucy Hitchinson 31.51. Our “B” team led by Vicki Kirk 31.51, Tessa Lambert 32.26, Ellen Lambrix 33.02, Ann Bath 36.16, and Jo Newstead 35.48. Our “C” team led by Caroline Dawson 35.59, Kate Hancock 39.07 and Sonia Pritchard 40.50.

Well done everyone and the next match is on Jan 10th at 12 noon at Wimbledon Common (Putney Vale end) and it is also a Grand Priz race. This one and the last match on Feb 7th are approximately 8k (just under 5 miles)