Ladies Cross Coutry match 3 Putney Vale 12/1/14

Another great turn-out for our 3rd match ., 7.7k including lots of mud of course, and we are 3rd team, and still in strong promotion to Div 1 position, 196 points ahead of 4th place!

Our “A” team was Katherine Wilson 34.08. Maryka Sennemor 35.46, Maggie Stacey 36.19, Libby Marchant 37.28, Tessa Lambert 38.43. “B” team Katherine Franklin 41.18, Sarah Pettefer 45.32, Caroline Dawson 48.12, Karen Hardy 51.53, Kate Hancock 51.55 “C” team Maria Cenemor 53.09 well done to everyone.

Full results are here but they include Division 1 as well.