London Marathon Club Ballot

With many club members discovering they have once again been rejected from the public ballot for the 2014 London Marathon I thought it was high time I published a list of members who have either already qualified for the club ballot of are within reach of the magic number. The ballot will as usual take place at the club Christmas social for which the date has been scheduled for Wednesday 11th December. So with only a couple of months to go before the ballot the events remaining for those bubbling below the qualifying number of events are:

  • 19th October – Ladies & Mens Cross Country at Lightwater
  • 16th November – Wimbledon parkrun 5K
  • Mens November Cross Country – TBA
  • 1st December – Perivale 5
  • 7th December – Ladies Cross Country

At this time I am unsure if there are any December Cross Country events for qualification but will update once i know. As things stand 87 members have taken part in at least one club event this year and 38 have already qualified in terms of number of events entered, that’s 23% of the current membership so it could be a busy ballot this year. Below is a list of all those who have already run enough events to qualify but please bear in mind that other rules may mean that some of you are not eligible for the ballot even if you have run enough events. For a full list of rules please check out the Marathon Ballot rules -> here

Endure 24 was included by the committee into the qualifying events list with the absence of Green Belt relays this year so those who took part have been included in the event count. In addition whilst the number of qualifying events was increased to 8 the committee also decided that those wishing to enter the ballot no longer need to have enetered the public ballot first. Please remember that the committees desicion is final in regards to qualification but if you believe that your number of qualifying events is incorrect please drop me an email at stone.kev [ at ] gmail [ dot ] com with a list of events you believe you took part in and I shall look into it for you and amend if my records are incorrect.

Those who have qualified to date are:

15 Events – Libby Marchant

13 Events – Simon Gerrard, Kevin Stone, Steve Ramek

12 Events – Richard Goulder, Derick Wilkie

11 Events – Kevin Furlong,  Andrea Bennett

10 Events – Matthew Pritchard, Peter Grecian, Greg Whiteman, Rick Emery, Joe Chang, Rob Hinton, David Pimm, Zoe Ashcroft, Kate Hancock

9 Events – Richard Kirk, John Sweeney, Danny Norman, David Pearce, Graham Ashby

8 Events – Alasdair Reisner, Maria Cenalmor, Jack Holland, Sarah Pettefer, Mike Gray

Those bubbling under

7 events – Victoria Kirk, Peter Tozer, Katherine Wilson, Karen Hardy

6 Events – John Matthews, Ann Bath, Daniel Hookey, Moustafa Fawzy, Grant Davison

5 Events – Caroline Dawson, Laura Perry, Amy Tomlins

4 Events – John Reardon, Chris Coghlan, Chris Wilson, Mark Weight, Maggie Stacey