March Club Handicap Preview

Still another month to go before we get a daylight run but, with the weather set fair for this evening, albeit a little chilly, early registrees should be able to spot a flypast of the International Space Station, starting at 18.47 and lasting about 3 mins.

Has the handicapper caught up with points leader Andrea Bennett? She will need another good run to prevent Kevin Stone from narrowing the gap, and you never know quite what sort of a run you will get from third placed Howard Brinkworth.

Lizzie Wilson in fourth is getting back to her pre-Christmas form but, with Jon away and Dave ‘hors de combat’ at present, she doesn’t have the same family rivalry as the Tozers, Pete and Alice, who are tied sixth, or the Esslemonts, Sue and Don, who are separated by 6 points in 11th and 12th=, respectively.

Here is a list of the fastest times, to date, for the top 10 Men & Ladies. See you all this evening.

MEN PB PB date   LADIES PB PB date
Bell,Andy 15:55 Dec-05   Sennema,Maryka 18:49 Jul-09
Chang,Joe 16:05 Apr-09   Robey,Helena 18:57 Mar-07
Wilson,Dave 16:31 Apr-03   Wilson,Katherine 19:00 Feb-11
Muir,Ross 16:33 Apr-10   Tozer,Alice 19:24 Apr-04
Dew,Simon 16:42 Jul-10   Souness,Liz 19:31 Aug-99
Harris,Daniel 17:05 Jul-10   Ashcroft,Zoe 19:35 Aug-09
Brewer,Joe 17:12 May-09   Stacey,Maggie 19:43 Apr-07
Thorne,Trevor 17:13 Aug-97   Billington,Aimée 20:03 Feb-10
Tiernan,Pat 17:13 Apr-97   Winter,Sarah 20:17 Apr-08
Norman,Simon 17:17 Mar-96   Andrew,Sharron 20:31 May-08