New version of website

As you can see the new version of the website is now live. I’d been working on this for a while but had to rush it through as we received an email from the web hosting company saying that would take down the old website this week if it wasn’t upgraded, due to the outdated version of Joomla we were running on the old website. The main parts of the website are functional – news, forum, user database and events calendar, although I’m still working on fixing some (well…lots of) bugs. The downloads area will be unavailable for a while, but the link to download the membership application form for new members is working.


One big difference about this new version of the website is that it uses a “responsive” template, so the boxes will resize according to your screen size (e.g. if you’re using an ipad and you spin it from horizontal to vertical, everything should resize nicely). The website also displays a different layout for mobile phone users (or small tablets) to standard PCs. Mobile phone users can switch to viewing the full version of the website by scrolling to the bottom of their screen  and selecting “Desktop Version”. There are still some bugs with the mobile layout (e.g. the menu doesn’t display all the items) but it is good for doing a quick check on the events calendar and news items, then if you want to do anything like view the forum you will need to switch to the desktop version of the website.


I’m aware of a lot bugs that need fixing, so I’ll create a forum message thread to list what I’m working on. If you spot any new bugs, please add to the message thread.