Nonsuch Relays

Wednesday 1st July is Nonsuch Relays starting at 7pm at the Mansion House in Nonsuch Park. Another of the David Denton races this is an event that we as a club usually enter at least 6 teams into each year and we would be looking to do the same again this year. The Handicap will be moved (Date TBC) and there is a forum thread -> here <- for those who want to take part so please post your interest ASAP.



For those who have never taken part in the relays before the format is simple, 4 to a team, a course of 1.87 miles run as fast as you can. The course is an out and back so you get to see others from the club as you run to give encouragement to and the entry fee is paid gfor by the club, this is also a marathon ballot qualifying event so plenty of reasons for you to pitch up and run!


Whether you want to take part and either want to be put into a team of 4 or already have a team of 4 organised you want to enter please let us now so we can notify David Denton in advance of the number of teams we are looking to enter and also get us the early entry price rather than the on the day entry price.


Lets get a good turn out again this year, this is a local event for local running clubs and I feel sure we could enter a couple of teams that could place well and I’m sure there could be some inter club competiveness as well, so come on post up and give those club colours a run out!