Parakeet Marathon

The Parakeet Marathon is an event rather than a race. It is designed to be an unsupported, scenic, off road marathon route, taking in as many of the wonderful open green spaces we have around here. The route covers Richmond Park, Ham Common, the Thames riverbank, Bushy Park, Hampton Court, Home Park and Wimbledon Common. The route can be tackled by anyone at any time of day (but be aware that certain gardens within the parks will be locked at night and that some of the parks are closed for deer culling at certain times of year).

There are public toilets and water points on the way round. That said, on November 3rd, I and some others from the club will be running the route, and anyone who wants to join us is very welcome. We will start at 9:00 am from Kingston Gate car park in Richmond Park. Come and join us there, or meet up en route to run part of the distance. It’s not about speed. It’s all about enjoying the green spaces, looking at nature, and realising how lucky we are to have so much wildlife so close to central London. One further thing I must add, if you want to run it with me you are very welcome, but if you want to do it at your own pace, please learn the route in advance, or print out the directions for yourself. I can’t be held responsible if you do neither of these and don’t manage to find the right route. Also known as The South West London Green Spaces Marathon, The World’s Smallest Marathon & The Wildlife Marathon.;postID=2591283006030027584