Parkrunning, who did what and where, 23 July 2011

In the six plus years since ‘Parkrun’ came into being, they have become so numerous that you can go to almost any part of the country and find a local one to run in.

Whilst most Club members who participate stay relatively loyal to their ‘home’ run, some, notably John M., have made a point of travelling to many and varied locations. This practice, formerly called ‘tarting’ by some of us, can now best be referred to as ‘Park Hopping’.

In any event, they are now being enjoyed, every Saturday morning, by many Club members and I thought it would be a good idea if their efforts were recorded.

This is what happened last Saturday.


Run Athlete Time Age Grade Category Position PB
Andover John Matthews 19:47 67.99% SM35-39 11 FR
Banstead Woods Declan Flynn 20:35 71.66% VM50-54 18  
  Don Esslemont 24:46 60.03% VM50-54 65  
  Neil Sunderland 27:03 59.27% VM60-64 92  
  Elaine Dodds 27:22 65.04% VW50-54 99  
Bushy Park Pat Tiernan 21:48 67.66% VM50-54 115  
  Steve Holden 22:22 67.59% VM50-54 132  
  Kevin Stone 25:49 54.10% VM40-44 338  
  Mick Lill 25:52 64.24% VM60-64 340  
  Lindsay Baldwin 28:00 56.49% VW40-44 460  
  Amanda Waaler 29:25 54.28% VW45-49 521  
Kingston Kevin Furlong 24:54 56.49% VM40-44 21  
Riddlesdown Alan Collis 22:11 69.87% VM55-59 16 FR
Wimbledon Common Maggie Stacey 20:36 76.13% VW40-44 29 FR