Results of committee nominations from AGM

For those not able to attend last night’s AGM, a vote was held to decide on who should hold the position of chairman of the club for the next two years from the nominees Ann Bath and Joe Chang. A written ballot was held and returned a tied result with both nominees receiving an equal number of votes. It was dicussed at the AGM how to proceed, with three options being presented and the majority of those present voting for a second round of written voting. After the second round of voting Joe Chang was narrowly elected as the club Chairman for the next two years. Because of the dead heat after the first round of voting, there was wide agreement that Ann Bath should be vice chairman

For the ordinary committee member positions, nine club members had been nominated for eight positions, but before a vote was taken Howard Brinkworth decided to withdraw from the vote, leaving the remaining eight nominees to be appointed. I’m sure everyone will join me in thanking Howard for his hard work and many years of service to the committee, and also saving us from another written ballot.

No-one had been nominated for the position of club treasurer, so Neil Sunderland offered to step forward and take on the role for the next two years.

This means that the current committee members are now as follows:

Joe Chang Chairman
Ann Bath Vice Chairman
Chris Coghlan Club Captain
Jo McDonagh Club Secretary
Neil Sunderland Treasurer
Jacqueline Chang
Zoe Wingfield
Kevin Stone
Grant Davison
Peter Tozer
Jon Neal
Greg Whiteman

With thanks to the following members stepping down from committee duties:

Kevin Furlong
Zoe Foster
Charlie Foster
Derick Wilkie

The full minutes of last night’s AGM will be published on this website in the near future.