Surrey Half Marathon 9th March 2014

Inaugural races always bring some concerns; will it be the right distance? Will it be well supported? Will it be really hilly? Will the route be awfully dull? Will it be worth the entry fee?


Well the Surrey Half Marathon was the correct distance, there were supporters around the entire course, the route was on closed roads and there was first aiders in position around the course.  There were some hills, but the route was an out and back so it all evened out in the end.  Being an out and back course we could see the lead pack heading back towards the finish and then we could cheer on each other going one way or the other.  An out and back makes for a very sociable run but with 5776 finishers, at times I did feel rather boxed in. There were water stations every 3 miles and a gel station at 6 miles and here were bands around the course giving us some entertainment.  A track finish always makes me feel like a professional athlete and puts a smile on my face.


We were lucky with the weather and a lot of people have reported good times.  As for the club runners, we did ok.  Certainly this is a race I would run again.  An early bird entry of £26 is available for the 2015 race until midnight on March 24th if anyone is super keen!


Some results (chip):


     1. Nicholas Kirui  1.03.18

113. Joe Chang 1.26.54

337. Chris Wilson 1.34.21

1075. Ed Whiffin 1.46.28

1845. Jacqui Fry 1.56.33

2145. Jacqueline Chang 1.57.19

3971. Fred Toerien 2.40.44

3972. Megan Toerian 2.40.45

(5776. Nicci Holliday 3.51.48)