Track – See you Wednesday

We will be under the floodlights at Track on Wednesday so I’m looking for for electric performances for 26.2 members. The main segments of Wednesday session will consist of speed play intervals: 400m full pace combined with 100m walk. The idea is to keep your 400m times consistent, meaning your last 400m should not be significantly slower than your first………… Track sessions are for all members who would like to add some variety to their training. Interval sessions have been shown to be one of the most effective ways to improve speed and endurance in runners. Track sessions are also a good chance to chat to people you don’t normally train/run with. Like with all 26.2 sessions you can stop for a rest at any time throughout the session and if you don’t feel great you can always stop completely. See you at Kingsmedow Athletics Track at 7.15pm for a warm up and those who are running to the track please try to arrive ready to start the full session at 7.30pm (Sorry for the lack of paragraphs but my Mac doesn’t like the website!).