Track session 7.15 for 7.30pm, Wednesday 25 February 2015

Following a freezing, but energetic track session last month led by Danny, I hope to encourage your endeavours on 25th February.

Improving 5k and 10k times lies at the heart of most of our training schedules and our current track sessions provide the speed work aimed at helping us physically and psychologically to break through those barriers.  Last month we ran a total of 5k in times that would amaze by breaking our training into 12x400m chunks (plus 1x200m) with a minute to recover between each. This month we stretch to the next stage by covering the same total distance but broken into 8x600m chunks, targeting the same speeds as last month.

This is for all standards of runners, involving groups running at differing speeds.

Please aim to have done a gentle warm up (eg two or three times jogging around the track) before we begin the formal warm-up promptly at 7.30pm. Not warming up properly before the exhilaration of a speed session is a sure-fire way to give yourself an injury!

Kingsmeadow Athletics Track is on Kingston Road, New Malden by AFC Wimbledon.  Don’t forget your £3.30 entry fee.

David Pimm