Track session 7.15 for 7.30pm, Wednesday 29 April 2015

Over the summer months, we have a few shorter races coming up, not least the Club Mile championships!

With this in mind, the next track session on 29 April will sharpen things up a little.  There will be groups to suit all standards, so please do come along, whatever your level of experience of track running.  I love the sense of speed, running at the fastest pace that we ever do in our running; and I hope we can all enjoy this, whatever our individual pace.

This coming Wednesday will have seven, eight or nine 400m reps (depending on your standard) with most doing eight.  This may not sound all that different from the 12x400m reps with which we began the year.  But the aim is to run at a faster pace (a little faster than your target mile pace) over a shorter total distance.  We will start with 2x200m to get the body moving.  This is core training for middle distance track running, helps acclimatise your body to this faster pace and builds your ability to judge the right pace over the shorter events.

Please aim to have done a gentle warm up (eg two or three times jogging around the track or for our faster runners a jog down from the club) before we begin the formal warm-up promptly at 7.30pm.  As we up the speed, you will do yourself an injury if you have not warned up properly.

Kingsmeadow Athletics Track is on Kingston Road, New Malden by AFC Wimbledon.  Don’t forget your £3.30 entry fee.

David Pimm