Track Session Next Week

Track session 7.15 for 7.30pm, Wednesday 30 March 2016

Written by David Pimm

For  track next Wednesday, 30 March, I am planning a ‘pyramid’ session, which has proved popular in the past.  We start with 2x200m, then 2x400m, 2x800m and then back down: 2x400m, 2x200m.  There will be groups at varying speeds.

This is all good training for some of the shorter races we see in Spring and Summer, including the Club mile on 1 June.

But for those about to run a Spring Marathon, as last month, there will be a separate group running 4x1200m, if there are enough takers.

We meet at the Kingsmeadow track, Kingston Road.  Please arrive by about 7.15pm to complete a gentle warm up (eg two or three times jogging around the track, or perhaps run to the track) in time to begin the formal warm-up promptly at 7.30pm.  Not warming up properly before the exhilaration of a speed session is a sure-fire way to give yourself an injury!  Entry is £3.40.

This speed session is for all standards of runners, involving groups running at differing speeds.  Running short, faster intervals in a speed session is an important part of our overall physical and psychological training programme, building endurance and speed.  This would be a good time of year to think about including some sort of speed session once a week in your training schedule.  As well as the track speed session, I sometimes do intervals sessions on the road (1/2 mile or 1 mile reps) but do try to arrange these without a road-crossing in the middle of the rep.  Or sometimes, I fit in another track session.