Track session

Track Session 7.15 for 7.30pm – 26th February 2020

Next Wednesday is our regular track session, with the exhilaration of running faster than we do in any other training session.

Track sessions provide a focussed speed session that works wonders for improving speeds over all distances.  If you have never done track before, do not be put off; bring some friends of a similar speed to challenge one another.

The track session on Wednesday will be led by James Walsh. It will be differentiated for those running spring half or full marathons and those working towards improving 5k and 10k times. 

For those working towards marathons, its ideal to cover intervals which are longer in length or distance to build speed endurance. Perfect for mid way through your training block! Therefore, we will be covering 800s at 10k effort. 

For those working towards improving their 5k or 10k times we will be covering shorter distance intervals of 200 and 400 with progressive efforts to build speed and increase V02 max. 

The track session will be at the Poole Road athletics track in Ewell.  Otherwise known as the Harrier Centre or King George V recreation ground, it can be found by turning right into Ruxley Lane off the A 240 and then left into Scotts Farm Road which becomes Poole Road.  The recreation ground and athletics track are on your left about half a mile after leaving Ruxley Lane.

Please arrive at the track around 7.15pm to complete a gentle warm up (eg two or three times jogging around the track) and be ready to start the more formal warm up promptly at 7.30pm.  Bring clothing for the warm-up and warm-down.  The entry fee is £2.80.

Please be considerate of other track users; other local running clubs will also be training there that evening.