Upcoming Events

All these events and more are listed in our events calendar but have been highlighted here to help you find which club events are coming up and to give you links to sign up where needed.

Monday 1st – David Davies Nonsuch Relays – >>> Sign up <<<
Sunday 7th – Claygate 5 – Mob match vs The Stragglers
Monday 8th – Richmond Park run
Saturday 20th – GP3 – Elmore 7
Sunday 21st – Captain’s BBQ

Thursday 1st – Rothwell Relays @ Hawker Centre (organised by Stragglers)
Monday 5th – Richmond Park run

Monday 2nd – Richmond park run
Sunday 8th – River Relays – >>> Sign up <<<

Surbiton's friendly running club. Open to runners of all standards, fast or slow. We participate in local races of all distances.