Valentines 10K – 2015

As most of you will be aware the club annual Valentines 10K is to be held on Sunday 15th February and we are now looking to get everyone’s support by helping out on the day. For anyone who hasn’t helped at V10K before, this race is one of the clubs main financial resources for the year and the revenue it brings in helps to keep the club in a viable position and allows us to subsidise many things that would otherwise mean members digging deep into their own pockets.



Importantly we will require some volunteers to help out in the finish team, this is a big responsibility and we are looking for those of you who work well under pressure. We will require time checkers and number recorders so please let us know in your email if you wish to help out in this particular role as we would prefer to allocate these roles to those who are keen to do so.

Please do pledge your support and drop me a line at stone.kev [ at ] gmail [ dot ] com to let me know you’re available as the reputation of the race and the club depends on getting the required amount of volunteers to make it a success.