Valentines 10K

With the clubs Valentines 10K race only a week away Joe and I have now completed Marshalling point allocations and various other tasks that are required to help things run smoothly. I would like to thank everyone who has offered their time and volunteered their services both before and on the day. The club couldn’t put this race together without the help of its members and once again you have all shown it is important to give something back to the club when we all get so much from it.

Although I shall not be running tomorrow evening I will there both before and after the group runs to hand out details of your marshalling locations and committee members will be on hand to answer any questions you may have. I will also be giving out info sheets on Wednesday evening but if you cannot make either of these nights this week please let me know and I will arrange an alternative way of getting the information to you. Failing that you can always come and get your information before the race, but please allow enough time to get to your point.Please see the lists below to ensure your name is on there just in case I have missed anyone, if I have missed you out please contact me on stone.kev [ at ] gmail [ dot ] com so I can allocate a marshalling point. Likewise if your name is on the list and you are no longer available please let me know.

Marshalls are as follows:

Kevin Stone Joe Chang Don Esslemont
Richard Llewellyn Elaine Dodds Richard Goulder
Steve Watkins Ed Brunskill David Pimm
Mike Gray Peter Grecian Graham Ashby
Lindsay Baldwin Kevin Parker Nick Frisby
Vanessa Cooper Matthew Pritchard Grant Davison
Jacq Chang Kevin Furlong Shona Morris
Oliver Webb Fiona McDonnell Simon Garrard
Rob Hinton Cass Brewer Paul Stone
Joe Brewer Neil Parker Krystal Newbury
Sue Garnish Andrea Bennett Zoe Ashcroft
Ben Downe Jill Hogge Meg Toerien
Fred Toerien Zoe Wingfield Nattalie Randall
Javier Fuentes Peter Tozer  


One or two of those listed will have two marshalling points both at the beginning and end of the race so please ensure you know where your points are. If you require transport to your location again please let a committee member know. 

Added to the marshalling the following have been allocated tasks at the race HQ, these are as follows:


Michael Bryant Greg Whiteman Neil Sunderland
Derek Summers Mandy Summers Paul Stone
Kevin Furlong Peter Tozer Andrew Pengelly
Carmela Pengelly Sam Ward Michael Stone
Peter Tozer Natalie Randall Don Esslemont
Simon Norman Jo McDonagh Howard Brinkworth
Zoe Foster Charlie Foster Jon Neal
Dave Wilson Lizzie Wilson John Matthews
Sarah Whiteman Chris Coghlan Kevin Stone
Graham Ashby    


Most of those listed above will already know what they are doing but again I shall be at the club tomorrow and Wednesday to let you all know what is required.Hi Vis tabards will be available from the club prior to the event on either Monday or Wednesday if you require one before the day. Also anyone wishing to come to the race HQ early on the day there are one or two bags that will require filling for each entrant and having done this job last year I can say with experience that many hands make light work where this job is concerned. We will be at the venue from around 7am so please feel free to turn up and lend a hand with the many jobs that will need doing. Also if anyone has some space in their car to transport items required from the club to the venue please let us know, we will be holding a shed party at the club Saturday evening, please feel free to come along and take what you can manage. 

Once again I would like to thank everyone for their support and look forward to seeing you all next Sunday for the big day and please remember that if you are marshalling do not take any risks and stay safe, better a runner delayed then an injury.