Valentines 10K

First of all many thanks to all who have pledged their support for the Valentines 10K on the 12th February. However I am still a number of volunteers short and would love to hear from anybody who hasn’t yet contacted me to say they are available. I know many of you have said they would help and will send me an email so if you are one of those and have yet to do so could I please ask you to do so ASAP.

The sucess of the event really depends on having enough people to help and with the route crossing many junctions and side roads the more marshalls we can muster the greater the experience for those who enter and the safer it is. In particular I am looking for a couple of volunteers to drive the course early doors to put up the course signage. We have instructions for all the points that require signage and which type of signage is required so it is a fairly easy task but requires someone who can be there early to ensure everything is up and ready in plenty of time fot the start.

If you haven’t already done so please drop me a line at stone.kev [ at ] gmail [ dot ] com so I can plan accordingly.